Best of… |June 2018

June… has been a month! The end of this stint in Korea has raced up before I had time to blink and July is shaping up to be a mess and a half, but for now, here’s a wee overview of June!


new doc 2018-02-20 09.49.23_1

What’s even happened this month…  Seriously though, June has been a month where I have not been diligently jotting down headlines. Sometimes it’s too hard to keep up with what Trump is doing, and his utterly heinous border policies have, quite rightly, dominated the news.

To lighten the mood, my pick this month is the day I became a football fan!

The Independant

*disclaimer* I am not a football fan, I just like seeing Korea  doing half decently. Football is not their sport!



new doc 2018-02-07 13.13.57_1


There hasn’t been any improvement in this department. With so much to do, I’ve sort of… crumpled. My cooking and baking has taken a massive hit. Not too good really. the frustrations of a tiny kitchen!



new doc 2018-02-07 13.19.35_1

Reading has taken a hit this month also. I’m currently in the throes of re-reading The Hunger Games for easy read factor, and trying to forge on with Smoke in the Sun – which I’m really enjoying, little of it that I’ve read!

I’m keen to get the majority of my packing done so I can get a move along with Smoke in the Sun and get started on Christina Henry’s new one: The Mermaid.




new doc 2018-02-07 13.18.48_1

Whilst the reading and the cooking have suffered somewhat, the school productivity, and the blog, is slowly getting back to normal – I mean, it would all be doing that if that I wasn’t on the cusp of moving countries (have I mentioned how much I hate moving…)

This month I have created worksheets, resources and I had my open class!


Open Class 2018 | Phonics: Basic Blends

The Spelling Test 2.0



new doc 2018-02-07 13.08.52_1

Due to the packing, which is such a time drain, I’ve been putting on background TV that I’ve seen before. I’ve been back on the Star Trek train, with Voyager taking centre stage!

strar trek voyager



The highlight of this month was, without doubt, the United Cube – ONE concert!


Featuring Cube artists BTOB, Hyuna, Pentagon (& Triple H), CLC, Yu Seonho, Jo Kwon and (G)I-DLE, it was more than four hours of magic, madness and cracking music. I’m very thankful I managed to score a ticket for this concert!



new doc 2018-02-07 13.08.00_1

The crafting has gone well this week, resulting in physical purchases avaliable in the etsy store, and a cracking Polaroid craft that you can use as a school activity for a range of subjects, or for your own personal enjoyment!


Gratitude Stickers

Ice Cream Bunting | DIY Polaroids



new doc 2018-02-07 13.20.13_1

June has been quite the month for music releases, but a fair few old favourites have wormed their way back to the fore-front.

Panic! at the Disco remains up there at the top, with full album release. As I’ve come to expect from them, every track is a winner. I’ve had the album on loop since it dropped. Not bored yet!

Florence + The Machine is a late addition this month, with Lungs finding it’s way back onto the recently played playlist. Lungs will forever be my favourite, especially Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up). I have been listening the new outing, High as Hope, but the jury is, as yet, still out.

Another return to the list is Jung Ilhoon’s She’s Gone. He actually performed this at the United Cube concert – I never thought I’d see this performed live, so that made the concert. I’m pretty sure this song just get’s better, and live it’s incredible.

I can hardly go without mentioning Beyoncé… that would just be rude. She pulled another fast one, dropping the collaboration album Everything is Love, under the name The Carters. What’s not to love!

Park Kyung graced us with a new single this month, yet another display of his versatility as an artist. Instant (feat. Sumin) is a mellow smooth jazz track that you can’t help but groove too!

BTOB made a comeback this month, and This Is Us give us summer bops for days, I can’t decide which is my favourite between The Feeling and Only One For Me! This one is so good it’s here and in the Mixtape Monday|4 post, along with a bucket load of other music I’ve been loving recently!




Fashion & Beauty

The biggest news this month, is that my hair is once again darker! I’ve been a red-head for years, tried something different around Christmas, and then went back to red again, but it wasn’t working for me the way it used to, so the dark brown is back, and I am loving it! The improvement in mood and the full on arrival of summer has also probably played it’s part!

In beauty news, after weeks of debat, I took the plunge for the Red Velvet endorsed Etude House lipstick set. I have not been disappointed. Reds or nudes are my main go-to’s in lip colours these days, and these have been a great addition – a lovely formula, great staying power and lovely colour range.

red velvet etude



new doc 2018-02-07 13.40.46_1

Not much new or extraordinary this month, but here are three drawings I’m particularly proud of. I do all my drawings by hand and then scan them in with an app. Perhaps one day I’ll invest in an iPad, but even then, I’m pretty sure I’ll carry on drawing by hand. It’s just so satisfying!


And finally, a find that is complete news to me, is Bundaberg Grapefruit. I was then informed that there are now a good 12 flavours available. I’m a purist, and the Ginger Beer will always be the best. Fact!



How was your June? Have you been gearing up for the holidays?

Hopefully, the majority of the packing will be done, dusted and on it’s way by the end of this week, so the rest of July can be filled with interesting things… maybe!

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