Mixtape Monday | 5

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Whilst many other things may have fallen by the way side in recent weeks thanks to packing (which I’m currently sitting here avoiding…) music has been that thing that keeps me sane, as always. My listening time definitely increases along with stress, but as there’s so much good music out there, I really can’t complain!

Here’s what I’ve been listening too recently…

Ahn Ye Eun OAhn Ye Eun – 피루엣

This song is something else. Ahn Ye Eun was the runner up from K-pop Star 5, and O is here most recent release. She is, to my ears, an incredibly unique vocalist, and draws her style heavily from traditional Korean music – and it works. 피루엣 is an epic, haunting, orchestral track. The title, Pirouette, and the repeating phrase “돌고 돌고 돌고 돌아” (round and round), just add to the tangled repeating mess of the song, which you don’t need to fully understand to hear the inner twirling turmoil.

minseo Is whoMinseo – Is Who

I love a jazzy tune, and in a sea or pop-tropical tunes that have been release recently, Minseo’s Is Who is wonderfully refreshing.


villagers trick of the lightVillagers – A Trick of the Light

A Spotify find. The pre-release for the newest Villagers album, A Trick of the Light is a mellow acoustic guitar driven number that’s surprisingly angst ridden despite it’s laid-back feel. I’m really keen to see what delights the full album has in store!

Samuel TeenagerSamuel – Teenager

One of the tracks from this repackaged album came up on shuffle, and I went and gave the whole thing a listen – the lad is good, and he’s 16… One remains my favourite track, with a feature by Ilhoon (BTOB) that really ties the song together, and every shift the song makes is seamless and works.

joel she's goneJoel – She’s Gone

The Melon Music app has this great thing where the top track on the chart page is a recommendation they think you may like. She’s Gone is one of those tracks. It’s not to be confused with Jung Ilhoon’s She’s Gone (which I’ve had on repeat recently as well) but both are nicely funky. Where Ilhoon’s is hard hitting with a sick guitar riff, Joel’s is more laid back, mellow funk. It’s well worth a listen.

BTOB Brother Act.BTOB – Brother Act.

그리워하다 (Missing You) was one of the best tracks of 2017. BTOB have their own way of doing ballads. A ballad is a ballad, is a ballad, but BTOB spin them in a way that is just so… rousing! That being said, it’s not actually my favourite song on the album. My jam is Guitar (Stroke of Love), followed hot on it’s heels by 신바람 (Blowin’ Up). Im Hyunsik and Jung Ilhoon take many of the composing credits on BTOB’s releases, but I was all sorts of surprised to find that Guitar (Stroke of Love) was actually helmed by Lee Minhyuk. From Feel ‘Em, to Brother Act. and then to This Is Us, BTOB show ever continuing evolution and honing of their craft, and I’m already excited for the next one.

apink one and sixApink – 1도 없어 (I’m So Sick)

Apink are a solid group, who always produce great pop songs, and the shift with this release takes the current trends, tones the sexiness down a notch or two, and still maintain the demure, innocent air for which they are know. The music video is also beautifully shot. I’ve always like Apink as they’ve always done their own thing without being too overly cutesy, and their songs have always been fun. They have matured as individuals and as a group, and the result is brilliant!

Pentagon Demo 1Pentagon – Like This

When I’m in need of down time, I sometimes go back to my favourite tracks and listen the hell out of them. The recent flavour of the month has been Pentagon’s Like This, from their mini album Demo 01. It’s such an easy song to have on loop. I wonder if having ten members, and a boat load of different vocal tones, is what makes it interesting.

btob thrillerBTOB – Thriller

In the same vein as the previous song, Thriller is another that I can put on repeat and revel in. This number was released back in 2013 and I still love it. From BTOB’s early days, and one of my favourite era’s of Kpop, this is just all theatrical darkness and I love it! 2012-14 gave us some amazing music, it really did!

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