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In an ever increasingly digital world, I still love to send letters. More than that, I love making them. Crafting has always been a form of therapy and, as result, I always end up with far more stationery than I can use, so I’m here to spread the stationery love!

My envelopes started with origami paper. It began with the small envelopes, years ago, and I would use them to send letters from Hong Kong. They were rooted in dreams of those tiny letters that are sent back and forth in Austen dramas – you know the ones I mean! Small and perfectly formed, and in my case, a splash of brightness landing on your doormat.

Long story short, the Austen dreams were dashed when it came to light that modern day sorting machines really don’t like envelopes that small!

So, instead of scrapping my tiny, colourful envelope dreams, I went extra and added a second envelope!


So now I work with a letter-within-a-letter system, each inner envelope comes with an outer envelope and two sheets of A6 size writing paper in a complimentary colour. The outer envelope is also prepared with double sided sticky tape, ready for you to peel and seal the envelope.

If you’re into your snail mail, and you want to pimp you post, these may be just the thing for you!

*For measurements, see the size guide. All measurements are in centimeters.
**Colours may vary in person.

Here are some of the designs available over on Etsy.

Untitled design (1)

I have no “stock” in the traditional sense. There’s no schedule for when new designs will be added or old one’s will return, so keep an eye on my Etsy shop if these interest you!

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