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Phonics Companion Sheets

When tackling phonics in a Korean classroom, I have found I’m often dealing with students who have a decent command of English, but are lacking the support of phonic foundations – this much has been evident with my current batch of 6th graders! Many are struggling with spelling because they were never given an introduction to the confusion that can be English phonics. The result is students of a higher ability learning material suited to younger students. These companion sheets are one of the tools I have to help address this imbalance.

There are 9 pages in the PDF document you can download below, suited to varying levels and tasks. There are the simple alphabet sheets, for the students who are still struggling with the alphabet.

Alphabet sheet

There are sentence sheets for those students who can make sentences using specific blends or words. You can increase or decrease the complexity of these depending on the level of the students you are teaching.

phonic blend 1

Finally, there are two sheets where you can let students run wild and write anything they like. Set them a challenge, choose a selection of blends for them use in at least once on their worksheet. Set a minimum number of sentences. Give them a vocabulary list. Do you use a points system? A point for every phonic blend included. The possibilities are endless, and you can tailor them to your class!

fre writing

However you use these worksheets, I find a little goes a long way, and an introduction to phonics, whenever it may come in the language learning journey, is invaluable.


Alphabet and Sentence Sheets

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