ESL | Autumn Crossword

ESL Autumn Crossword

The leaves have been turning for a while here in London, but October has brought with it the first chills of winter. It’s my first UK winter in six years, and I’m not dealing too well with the changing seasons – it’s happening earlier than I’ve been used to – but I can’t deny the excitement that it brings. Halloween is coming, bonfire night is round the corner, and Christmas is on the horizon. I can’t wait!

I’m delighted to be able to bring you, today, an Autumn themed crossword puzzle from I’ve never been much of a crossword maker myself, but I consider them to be in the same vein as word searches – not to be underestimated in their usefulness.

Crosswords allow you to delve deeper into a topic, and are an excellent camp activity, or time filler. This time of year in Korea is littered with public holidays – Chuseok has just passed and Hangeul day is next week – and the changeable nature of classes mean that activities such as these are great for filling the gaps, and they share a little western culture to-boot.

Download the crossword and answer sheet below, or head over to for more worksheets.


spelling games_crossword_autumnleavesspelling games_crossword_autumnleaves_answers

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