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Changes aren’t just for the new year!

It’s been a while…

It really has been a while… I’ve not posted anything since January and we’re well into the second quarter of 2019. It’s been a crazy  few months, re-acclimatising to the UK (there’s a whole series coming on this) and I’ve been thinking long and hard about this blog, about all the things I want to do with it, all the things I still have left to create. However, the bottom line is that I’m not a teacher anymore and I don’t have built in hours within my day to create. With losing that part of myself, I’ve felt like a ship lost at sea for quite some time. Life has thrown so many changes my way, but I’ve embraced them all and I don’t for a second regret the decision to come home, and stay home.

But it hasn’t been easy.

Nothing prepares you for the reverse culture shock that insidiously creeps up in your weakest moments, and makes you question everything. It may be fleeting, but it’s always there.

So how do you re-acclimatise when the world is no longer the bubble of  your homeland, but this huge, fractured, joyful mess? When there is no longer one nation that shaped you, but several? When you have made the choice to embrace more cultures than your own?

What does this mean for This Geeky Teacher?

Well, first up, you might have noticed a little name change. Whilst the website is going to remain www.thisgeekteacher.com for a wee while, I’m having a wee bit of a rebrand. So welcome to This Geeky Tangent, affectionately TGT. Those who know me will know my love of a good tangent, and as this blog has always been full of them, it seemed fitting. As it is, the name change has been met with shrugs of obviousness! I will still be creating, that is for sure, but this blog will change. I have changed. Overall, I’m really excited about the new things to come. Teaching will still be a feature here, weaved in amongst everything else, it’s simply no longer the focus.

What can you expect to see in the coming weeks?

You can still expect to see Mixtape Monday, The Reading Nook and This Geeky Kitchen posts, and more regularly. In place of the regular teaching post will be Teaching in Hindsight. These posts will be a reflection on my time teaching, and creating the resources I wish I’d had when I was in the thick of the job. These will be supplemented with additional resource posts. I just can’t stop the creative juices flowing.

I’m going to feature a temporary series: Finding Home. This will be focused on the difficulties of returning home after a significant period of time abroad. As I’ve mentioned, this hasn’t been nearly as simple as you feel it should be.

Exploring London will be added to the roster, featuring wee bits and bobs from my time in London. I’m having a great time here, in and around all the less enjoyable goings on, and I still find myself in awe of the fact that I actually live in London now! Another new addition is Writing Wednesday, where you’ll see anything from articles to short stories, maybe even branching out into

Finally, my monthly overview posts are staying, with a new name. Last Month Today (did you see what I did there) will be kicking off next week with a look back at April, and my first Easter back in the UK, and the accompanying four-day weekend!

I can’t wait to see how the schedule changes and evolves as time goes on, and I hope you subscribe and follow along with me. Look out for new posts dropping at 12.00 noon GMT, and spend your lunch breaks (or any other breaks) on a tangental adventure.

If there’s  anything you want to see on here, anything you want more of, let me know in the comments.

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