Writing Wednesday


Lidl. Did you ever know a more apocalyptic supermarket? I have to give Rachael all the props on this one; this whole post is spawned from a conversation with her.

Let’s start at the end: The checkouts. They’re wild! The queue is like nothing I’ve ever know, with staff herding you through the self-service machines like sheep who are about to lose their wool.

People’s baskets are groaning with food, so much they’re sliding them across the floor, no will to hold them for the duration of the wait that is the lidl queue.

There are probably also those who spent too long in the ‘middle of lidl’ and didn’t quite get out alive, or unladen.

I don’t think I’ve ever been into a Lidl that isn’t being constantly restocked. There are always bare shelves, a multitude of empty boxes, empty freezer compartments. You go in for one item, and it is the one item that hold the record, that day, for most barren shelf.

Of all the supermarkets, Lidl and it’s barren shelves makes it feel like apocalypse is coming.

But isn’t Lidl fantastic?

A sound fruit and veg selection – the best avocado’s I’ve had have been Lidl,’s finest. Breads of regular and gluten free variety (at least in my local). A constantly changing range of foodie delights from Greece, to Asia, to Mexico, and everything in-between.

You have friends over and don’t want to cook or you’re having a sleepover, a pizza isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. Want to sample some interesting IPA’s, no worries, there’s all sorts if excitement to try.  Looking for a spirit or two, Lidl has some of the best gin on the market. Quite seriously, Hortus dry gin is fantastic and I recommend it above all other gins; the cost to taste ratio is on point and the bottle is very aesthetically pleasing!

Want to do some baking? The basics are all there, ready for your afternoon tea masterpieces.

And then the aforementioned ‘middle of lidl’. Not always what you need, but it all has a use for someone somewhere. There were digital scales and cake tins the weekend I wanted to start baking. There was a windscreen phone holder the days before our furniture adventures in the van. Apparently Lidl know what you need before you do.

Sure, the experience of shopping in Lidl might leave you wide-eyed and dishevelled by the end of it, especially those days when the queue snakes halfway through the store, but what do you have at the end of it?
A bag full of goodies that is always worth the hassle.


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