The Reading Nook | May 24th, 2019


conversations with friends

Sally Rooney’s books are advertised all over the tube, and I thought it was about time I picked one up. Conversations with Friends happened to be on offer in the Kindle store for all of 99p, and I decided that was as good a time as any. I have to say, it didn’t do it for me. I’m struggling to find things about this book that I liked. While I appreciate it from a literary perspective, from a character perspective, I didn’t vibe with a single character held within the pages. I’m torn between understanding why this book did so well – it’s frank, raw, and Rooney’s writing is a unique in a way I have a great deal of respect for – but I didn’t enjoy it and I won’t be reading it again.

That said, I have friends I feel would really get stuck into this book, and I really wish there was a mechanism on the Kindle for passing your e-book on to someone else when you’ve read it, passing the whole purchase on to them, as it were, so you can’t re-download it. Surely there’s a way, Amazon… Let us spread the love!



fall and rise

September 11, 2001. I had turned 12 a mere 17 days earlier; I was reading Tolkien’s ‘The Two Towers‘. The irony.

I remember coming home from school.

I remember the news reels, the planes colliding with the Twin Towers again, and again.

I became news-aware on September 11, 2001. In a conversation with my Mum, I put voice to the realisation that, for me and many my age and younger, terrorism just is. It is a part, a fact, of the world we live in. It is, normal.

Fast-forward eighteen years. Time has marched on, but the world hasn’t forgotten. It shouldn’t. I stumbled upon an excerpt of this book and decided it was something I had to read. I wanted to know the stories of some of those who died in the worst terror attack on US soil.

In the forward, Mitchel Zuckoff speaks of wanting to write a memorial, and give understanding to those for whom 9/11 is something they cannot comprehend, something that occurred before they were born.

Fall and Rise – The Story of 9/11 is a hard read. It is an important read. It will cause you to shed tears and, I hope, ensure you never forget.



The Cruel Prince

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the second book in Holly Black’s new series, but it’s been so long now (and, yes, I know, I’m way behind on the publication of book number two) that a re-read was in order. I enjoyed this just as much this time round as I did the first time. It’s twisted in a way that is redolent of Christina Henry’s books. I’m now keen to get my hands on The Wicked King, but equally, I’m going to push it as long as I can to diminish the wait for the next one, I believe called The Queen of Nothing, which is due some time in 2020.



Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 11.13.37 PM

It’s May, and that means Me Made May (which is something I aspire to be able to do one day), so this blog is very apt, in that it’s sewing, at least. I don’t even remember how I stumbled across Angela, but her creations are absolutely stunning, her YouTube video’s are great and I’m generally in awe of her talent. Go check her out!



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