Mixtape Monday | June 17th, 2019

This Geeky Tangent Mixtape Monday


Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent is the epically titled debut full-length release from Scotland’s current favourite son, Lewis Capaldi. It has been impossible since I returned to the UK to go five minutes without hearing a Lewis Capaldi song being played somewhere, and I’m still not bored by is! The man has a delicious voice, raw with emotion, and a personality that is so opposing and so Glasgow it’s fantastic.

I don’t really have much else to say except go listen to this album and love it. You won’t regret it!5

1Monsta X Who do u love

Coming in as I’m writing this post, and an automatic shoe-in, is the just dropped Who do u love? , a collaboration between Monsta X and French Montana. This song is just fantastic. The slow beat is redolent of Taemin’s Move, and I’m sure those SHINee/Taemin fans among us remember when that MV came out. Thankfully, Who do u love? has no accompanying MV, but then again – and no disrespect to Monsta X – no one can move quite like Taemin can! The vocal strength of the group is well displayed in this song, including their lead rapper taking point with the vocal ad libs! Who’d have thought – I feel he sounds a little bit like Michael Jackson!

I still think Hutazone is the release of 2019, and half way through the year that has yet to be topped, and I’m pretty sure that for me Who do u love?  is going to be the collaboration of 2019.

So why only 4 stars? That French Montana verse. Only becuase I’d have loved to have heard Changkyun rapping, but I actually really like French Montana’s part in the song and I have no doubts at all that this song will remain on my recently played for the remainder of this year and beyond.4 Star

3True Colours U-Know

Cast your mind back to the early second generation years of K-pop. Remember, if you will, TVXQ before the split and before everything that has marred the JYJ off-shoot in recent years. Back then, in 2008, Mirotic reigned supreme. Fast forward to 2019, Yunho (U-Know) has released his first ever solo – can you believe it’s his first after 16 years in the industry – and it’s dripping in Mirotic vibes. Follow is a fantastic solo debut from Yunho, giving us all the TVXQ sounds we love, and adding a unique layer over the top.

It’s interesting that this and Monsta X’s Who do u love? dropped within days of each other, there seems to be a love affair with the slow but heavy electro beat happening, and I’m not mad about it.

Where we have vocals redolent of Michael Jackson in Who do u love?, in Follow we have a backing track that gives me Thriller/Beat it vibes. More than anything else, it proves that – as with storylines – there’s only so much you can do with music, and it all depends on how you put the pieces together.

Overall, this is a solid solo release from Yunho, and it leaves me wanting more in the best of ways. Even after 16 years, I feel he has room to grow, and I can’t wait to see where he goes next, both solo and part of TVXQ.4 Star

4audiomachine worlds of wonder

Whilst not necessarily a soundtrack, I still think Audiomachine albums can make it into this category by a technicality.  They do create soundtrack music as do Two Steps From Hell. Albums from both of these outfits are like buses; it feels like there is nothing for ages and then a million drop at once. I’m pretty sure that’s not the case, nor do I mind it – it means I get a whole host of new listening material to consume in one go. This particular album is at the top of the listening list, though I will admit it was a hard call between this Worlds of Wonder and Exogenesis. The deciding factor is that this one is slightly more bright. If lifts the mood. Not that I don’t love the moodiness of Exogenesis, but I’ve been needing the happy, joyful feels lately.

If you’ve been here a while, you’ll know what I brand this kind of music. If you’re new here, I call this Epicusic. If you fancy giving it a whirl, I’ve thrown Audiomachine and Two Steps From Hell albums into a Spotify playlist. Give it a listen here.5 Star


If you can’t go five minutes without hearing anything Lewis Capaldi, you can’t go ten without hearing Vossi Bop. I like Stormzy, I really don’t like this! It doesn’t add to my morning radio listening. That said, it was number one for a couple of weeks, so apparently I’m missing something!1 Star

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  1. There are so many things that I want to say about this post! I don’t know Lewis Capaldi…but now I want to!
    Jooheon is ABSOLUTELY giving off so many MJ vibes. (Where’s our boy Kihyun though?)
    Mixtape Mondays is literally one of my favorite things about the internet!
    YES! 🙂


    • I cannot believe they went and dropped an MV after this post! And check Lewis Capaldi oooout!! You’ll love him!


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