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Well June was both better than the month that went before, and not much of an improvement at all. Nationally, we’re still demonstrating the depths to which our government has sunk, and internationally… well. There’s not enough blog space to cover it, and many other that do it better!

So now, let’s get to what I enjoyed 10

yellow umbrellaHands down, despite all the goings on in the UK, then news that has hit the hardest this June has been Hong Kong. I knew it was changing last time I visited in February 2017. In just over two years, the differences were stark. The proposed extradition law is at once both terrifying for its ramifications, and bolstering in the response it has drawn from Hong Kongers. Prompting the largest protests in Hong Kong history, locals have rallied against the proposed laws, and I can only hope that this tenacity that is so much part of Hong Kong does not get snuffed out!1

Magnolia_Kitchen_300x.jpgIT’S HERE!

I pre-ordered this book back in March, and have been eagerly anticipating it’s arrival.

For those of you not in the know, Magnolia Kitchen is the culinary brainchild of Bernadette Gee, located in New Zealand. She is honest, real and raw in her talent and in the way she choses to interact with her social media; seriously, go check out her instagram, you will not regret it! You will soon get sucked into the delightful wormhole that is all the deliciousness that Bets and her team create.

Two things I love about Bets’ book are the way she writes – I don’t think I’ve ever laughed out loud reading a recipe book before – and the fact the recipes are duplicated in that there is a “regular” version and a free-from version, covering gluten and vegan requirements.

The book really is fantastic. You might have a wee wait on your hands before the physical copy gets to you, but it’s worth it. I’m hoping some successful bakes make their way here soon, but for recipes, you’ll have to get your hand on a copy, and I don’t for a second think you’ll regret it.3

The mentalistI’ve been delving back into series I loved back at uni, mainly as a way of having something on in the background while I’m doing other things – such as writing this blog. This month, I’ve been watching through The Mentalist. It’s been years since I’d thought of this, never mind watched it, and it happened to pop on on Amazon Prime.

I’ve been enjoying jumping back into the world of Patrick Jane. I enjoy the lightheartedness of the show – a theme that runs through American crime shows. There’s always something ‘other’ that draws your focus from the crime.

Now, I just need to find somewhere I can stream the CSI’s…2

MIB internationalThis month, one date night took us to Men in Black: International. I really enjoyed this movie – the boy seemed to be pretty meh on the whole thing.

I think I enjoyed it so much mainly because even though it was same-old, same-old Men in Black, we had a new cast of characters. It felt a little fresher.

I’m intrigued to see if we get any more of these, and if so, I hope they’re as fun as this one. I’ve missed films that don’t take themselves too seriously. 11


(G)I-DLE_-_Uh-OhI’ve listened to (G)I-DLE’s Uh-Oh a lot. A lot, a lot. If you grew up with, or have a love of 90’s hip hop, this song is going to worm its way into your soul.

To date, (G)I-DLE have killed every release, and along with it done something few, if indeed any, Korean girl groups have managed – they have not been pigeonholed by either sound or gender.

I cannot wait to see what comes next.4

Fashion - JuneI’m not liking myself much at the moment. I’ve no doubt I’m no alone in having cyclical body conscious downers, but recently it has seemed particularly vicious.

Trying to work out the root cause is a searching affair, and I’m hoping that, slowly, I’m beginning to get a hold of situation.

But still, that leaves me feeling like a sausage in my clothes. Gotta love ebay! I scored this jacket (yes, there’s neon pink in there) and I love it. It’s oversized, so hides a multitude of sins, but I feel great when I wear it, and that’s the main thing, right?5


From Revolution beauty site

I love colour, and I love Revolution beauty.

June has been rammed with releases across the Revolution beauty brands, including the collaboration (to the right) with Roxxsaurus.

I had no idea who Roxxsaurus was before I saw the first promo image of these palettes, but I knew I wanted them.

Jam-packed full of colours that offer so much in terms of breadth and experimentation, and a stellar face palette that fills my bronzer shaped gap perfectly, the three palettes from this collaboration are perfections.

From the top we have:

I have made good use of all three, and as I write this I am staring at the colours dreamily. They really are as good as they look, and Revolution continue to hone and improve their formula. These palettes, and Carmi’s Make Magic Palette, have been my go-to’s since purchase.

They all offer me a range of neutrals and colours, and a healthy dose of razzmatazz if the occasion calls for it.

If you’ve never tried any Revolution products, of if you’re looking for some affordable palettes with less generic pops of colour, look no further than the ones mentioned here.6

Food - JuneA multitude of factors has left me more aware of the food I’m eating than usual. The boy and I are both keen to make sure we eat right, and at the minute, that means veggies.

This vegetable egg scramble mush has been a frequent sight on the dining table.

It’s pretty simple: ginger (apparently it’s good for watery vegetables…?!), vegetables, egg, siracha and some mozzarella (or other soft cheese) if you fancy.


Event - JuneJune brought with it a visitor from abroad, and a reunion came about.

The Masan Massive (or most of them… the best of them?) managed to get ourselves into one room and paid a visit to New Malden and some all-you-can-eat Korean bbq and some strawberry soju – I never came across that in Korea! When did that happen?

It was great to see the gang again, and I’m pretty happy about the fact most of them are in London! Till next time!9

IMG_2401The boy and I headed back up to Glasgow the last weekend in June for a friends wedding. It was a fantastic day, a Sikh wedding that was wall to wall colour and celebration with a very early start. The wedding kicked off at 9am – and that was for guests, never mind the bridal party!

We’ve been up to Glasgow a few times this year, and I every time I go back I feel more and more at home again, and even less inclined to leave. It’s an absolute truth that people are nicer the further north you go in the UK.


But I digress. The place in question on this busy wedding weekend was The Art School cafe, steps away from where we were staying.

It was a gloriously sunny day in Glasvegas – the photos tell no lie – as we popped in for a coffee to give us an afternoon boost before we headed back to the days celebrations.

I absolutely loved the queer map of Glasgow, and wonder if these are anywhere else in the UK.8

harry-potter wizards uniteOf course, this has to go in here. Beats Pokemon Go, hands down, and it’s all the funs! I do have one small gripe, however. My boyfriend’s way ahead of me… and a Slytherin… Ugh! 😛


A better month, and I hope July improves upon it. Hope you all had great June’s and July is bringing with it much excitement.

See you next month!


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