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This blogging thing hasn’t been going too well, has it… ah well, I can but hope that the mojo will return as it is in my crafty ways. As of time of writing, we’re ten days into @paigejoanna’s #craftemberchallenge (on my personal instaagram, but I should probably have it on TGT too), and I’m loving it! Some regular readers will have seen before, others will be new! Either way, it’s most exciting and I hope to be getting lots of new content out of it!


It’s been a couple of months, hasn’t it… politics the world over seems to be a little broken!

For my part, I’m with whoever wrote/said this:

Google found this for me, but I believe this can be attributed to a chap called Alex Buchanan – you’ll find him on twitter.

I’ve been starting books and just not finishing them this month, and the top three that were initially so promising but then bored me, were Laura Purcel’s The Silent Companions, Natasha Ngan’s Girls of Paper and Fire and, shock horror, Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments.

With The Silent Companions, I just wasn’t hooked by anything, it felt familiar, and went no where fast, in terms of capturing and keeping my attention. By this I don’t mean that there has to be wall-to-wall action, but something – anything – and usually it’s something small, that makes me want to keep reading. I didn’t finish it and have no intention of going back to try.

Set in Victorian England, the book opens in an asylum, then jumping backwards to recount the protagonists story. There seem to have been a lot of historical fiction books featuring murderesses recently, and none have been thrilling.

Girls of Paper and Fire was far better to begin with, it was different enough from it’s genre shelf-mates to make me want to find out more… but then it slipped into ‘same-same, and honestly not that different’ territory. Part of it was downright uncomfortable (and no, not the love story, cos that was the best bit of the book, but not enough to carry the rest!) Could have been better, and I won’t be in any rush to finish or read the sequel.

If this is a book you’re considering, I would recommend instead picking up Renee Ahdieh’s Wrath and the Dawn duology – much, much better.

And now we come to The Testaments. I’m just not into Margaret Atwood. I mean, I think she is fantastic, and I admire her greatly, but I just can’t get through her books. I really want to like them, but I don’t like anyone. Which is not to say a character has to be “likeable”, far from it, but there has to be something that draws you to a character. Neither Handmaids or Testaments do it for me – but perhaps there’s something hidden in the rest of Atwood’s extensive catalogue that will inspire me.


Rather than watching TV shows, I’ve been watching game walkthroughs, and one that utterly captivated me, was Detroit: Becoming Human. It was sublime.

I really admire video games, for the skill that goes into making them, the story’s, the music, the graphics. It’s awesome, and they just seem to be getting better and better.

Detroit: Becoming Human is set in, you guessed it, Detroit, in a world (or an America?) were androids are a normal part of human society. But what happens when those androids “wake up” and want to be part of society, rather than subservient to it?

This game was suggested to my by a friend, on the basis that it was redolent of L.A. Noir, one of the few video games I’ve actually played.

It was a cracking recommendation, and watches like a very, very long movie. Hit up the link above to watch it for yourself!


Continuing my Tarantino journey, I finally watched Kill Bill! I am in two minds with Tarantino movies. On the one hand, I love his artistry and the clear thought he puts into everything – nothing is by accident. On the other hand, sometimes they err too far from enjoyable to be watchable (mostly Django).

I loved these movies.

Volume 1 was utterly ridiculous, and as with all Tarantino’s movies, the ridiculous made the violence more palatable. Kill Bill move beyond this in the cartoonish nature of the piece. Lucy Liu is suitably cold, the Crazy 88 are suitably crazy, and Uma Thurman is sublime.

Volume 2 was delightful in it’s tounge-in-cheek western nature (just as Volume 1 was in it’s clear pastiche/homage to old school Kung Fu movies), and was more story were Volume 1 was more action.

Overall, the music was incredible, the cinematography was on point, and I now get why they were all talked about so much when they were first released!


I was able to, finally, bring my record down to London, and it’s been great listening to my vinyls – not all to the boys taste, damn is he hard to please sometimes!

This move has, however, prompted a long awaited purchase:

Image from good old amazon!

I have loved this album since its release and when i found out that not only that this was on vinyl, but that it was all funky and colourful, well I just had to! This album transports me back to university and early mornings walking down Sauchiehall street on the way to work for the morning opening shift.

I love the whole experience of listening to music on vinyl. It brings another kind of calm to me, especially with the mood lighting that the boy is not so fond off (he like the big white light in the ceiling, whereas I favour the softer light of multiple lamps and fairy lights – they’re not just for Christmas, you know!)


I was given this excellent hairband for my birthday and I really should be going out and sourcing more. I was an avid hairband wearer as a child, and I’m actually pretty delighted this trend has resurfaced.

The question is, what do I go for?


Beauty this month has been dominated by old faves and solid skincare. There was a tough period there between easter and autumn, and both body and skin suffered.

Not only have I been more dedicated to my skin regimen, but I’m also masterminding several crafty endeavours to help cut down on beauty related waste. Watch this space!


Of all the crazy (but also highly excellent and on-point) things to happen, in September, I won a years supply of coffee. Yes, that’s right. A years supply of coffee. Kinda.

A day a the annual Brunch Fest down Brick Lane led to the purchase of coffee for a teacher friend (because coffee). I was drawn to We Are Little’s by the packaging (obviously) and intrigued by the flavours.

They were running a competition – give your email, receive the newsletter, and you’ll be in with a chance to win. And I did. They sent me a jar of every flavour of their instant, flavour infused coffee (they sell ground coffee and large staff-room sized jars too, fyi) and I’m so excited so get stuck in – especially now we are most definitely in autumn. The gingerbread and hazelnut flavours are calling my name – and, of course, Christmas Spirit!!

Definitely go and check them out, and #livenupyourcup.


This happened!

And it was fabulous.

Go see it!!!!!!


It’s been a quiet month – I’ve spent most of it ill – but I managed, just as the month was closing it, to make it to museum. My friend and I headed for the V&A’s Museum of Childhood at Bethnal Green.

It was a walk down memory lane as we saw many toys we’d had or played with when we were children – the polly pocket I owned that allowed polly to dance (you could control her from the pond, of all places), everything fisher price, the scalextric, and much Marvel. There were also so many dolls houses, and if this is something you’re interested in, I highly recommend you go. Some were small, some were gargantuan, and all were utterly beautiful. They’re such interesting snapshots into the imaginations of children from years gone by.


And the curve ball for this week is…

Yes this is a screen shot… the joys of blogging on your phone because you just want to get the post out, dammit!

There I was, um-ing and ah-ing about purchasing THAT zara dress when this fantastic pattern was dropped by Nina Lee. This is way more my style and I see many of these and many kim dresses in my future!

Now to find a good pattern drafting book… any recommendations?


I’ve a million posts in my drafts and I’ve posted nothing. But every day is a new day and I keep on plugging on with the hope that I can work out a new schedule that will suit me better!

I’ll probably aim to get this new schedule sorted by the new year so I can hit the ground running in January! I hope to have a ton of crafty posts coming your way soon!!

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