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This Geeky Tangent Last Month Today

Well would you look at that – I actually managed a post on schedule!

Now to make sure I actually get round to prepping the rest of the months posts as best I can – all things going well, they should be well on their way by the time you’re reading this!


The news just never gets better at the moment… November has been fraught, to say the least, and now the UK is careering into an election that is, well, as messy as our leading parties seem to be!

Hong Kong showed the world how to vote this past weekend, with record registrations and record turnout, displaying just how democracy can and should work. I was following the Hong Kong election news more closely than our own, and I have feelings of intense pride, but even that cannot mask the fear of the unknown that is the reaction from Beijing.

But never mind that. In the shocker of the month, Gary Rhodes, the man who taught me to poach an egg – through the medium of TV – when I was all of eight(ish) years old, died suddenly on November 27th. This is still the only way I cook eggs well. He was a true culinary legend and no one saw that coming.

At time of writing, we’re a fortnight away from the election. By the time this is posted, it will be just over a week to go. By the time the next Last Month Today comes round, there’s no knowing quite what kind of UK we’ll be looking at…


For November, I have a DNF (did not finish, for those not in the know) and a currently reading.

I have reached the, very happy, point in life where I’m not going to beat myself up for not reading a book to the end if I’m not enjoying it. I’m not in school anymore, I don’t need to read a book because I have to, and if I’m not enjoying something, I’m just going to put it down. Which brings me to my DNF.

I picked up A Week in December, by Sebastian Faulks (he of Birdsong fame), one of his contemporary outings. Now, it’s not that I think this book is bad, far from it, I really enjoy the way Faulks writes. It’s that it was too convoluted. I felt like the book was trying too hard and I didn’t care enough about the characters to continue on.

I would recommend giving it a go if you have read and liked any of Faulks’ books, but for me, this is returning to the charity shop from whence it came!

This months currently reading is The Outcast Dead by Elly Griffiths – a crime series centring on an archeologist. So far, so good; this has been capturing the imagination and more than most of the crime books I’ve picked up recently.

This new book mentality has allowed me to freely reject and pass on books that have not or will not be read (and leave space for new ones) and I’m more enthused than ever by the books sitting on my shelves waiting to be read.


Another year, another series from national treasure David Attenborough. This outing is Seven Worlds, One Planet. This is a combination or previously used footage and new footage, which, when you think about it, is really on-brand; utilising pre-existing footage rather than wasting resources to film the same things all over again.

One thing I’ve loved about the more recent Attenborough shows is the behind the scenes glimpses into just what it takes to get the stunning shots we see on screen. It’s fantastic to be able to see the passion, emotions and sheer awe of those who take themselves to the farthest reaches of the earth to capture images for our TV screens. It brings everything firmly into the realms of reality.

I’m on a journey of working out how I can continually work sustainability in the daily routine. I’m hardly perfect, but I see each new day as a chance to do better and continually move towards a more sustainable way of doing things. This series from Attenborough further drives that ambition. Tomorrow I hope to be better than I was today.


November has been a bit of a wash out – a wisdom tooth decided to make its presence felt, resulting in an emergency dental appointment, a week of antibiotics followed swiftly by the removal of the blighter.

What’s solid food like, again? Is it even real?

So what has this got to do with films, I hear you ask. The answer is Lord of the Rings.

We had already started the great Lord of the Rings re-watch of 2019, and illness and lethargy (and winter) create perfect conditions for this movie epic.

It was upon the conclusion of The Return of the King that the boy reveals he’s never seen the extended edition. I sense a re-watch in our future.


I’ve found myself using spotify more and more in the last few months, especially since I got the iPhone X and ended up purchased some bluetooth earphones (not headphones, as I usually say out of laziness, much to the boy’s chagrin).

I dip in and out of all sorts but, surprise surprise, my K-Pop playlist is the most listened to. Thank being said, but the time this post goes up, I’ll have listened to Sia’s Christmas album more times than is probably reasonable, but I’m not even sorry, I’m going to have that on loop.

If you fancy listening to either, check them out here:

KPop 2019 .


It’s winter, and I’ve been severely under the weather, so I’ve been living in pyjamas and wooly jumpers. Not exactly the height of fashion… What is really exciting, though, is the full on, smack-you-in-the-face resurgence of the sewing bug. I want to sew all the things.

I now, after a million years of lusting after them, have a number of By Hand London patterns in my possession, have discovered the Wiksten Haori pattern and a multitude of other indie patterns.

The culmination of all this was the booking of a spot on one of The New Craft House’s social sewing weekends, and I cannot wait to meet new people and sew with like-minded folk! The biggest question is what on earth am I going to sew (and will I get anything sewn before my holiday in a couple of weeks… I have plans, people, plans!)


This has been a big month for skincare, both in the sense of putting stuff on my face, and putting nothing on my face. My skin has been under the weather because I’ve been under the weather. Until that happened, it was looking pretty good, if I do say so myself.

My idea of a good skin day, is feeling good about your skin. It doesn’t mean it’s magically clear – mine isn’t, ever – it means being content with how your skin looks on you.

And then I got ill (and don’t get me started on period skin…)

I’ve been experimenting with Revolution’s skincare range, as a comparative alternative to The Ordinary. So far I’ve found them comparable and my skin has been appreciating them!


What is food and where do you get it?

No, seriously, I feel like I’ve been on soft food for weeks… I’m so sick of soup the thought of having to crack open another can makes me want to hurl. The joys of oral pain. As I’m sure you can imagine, this has hardly been a foodie month!


November wasn’t all bad! We went to visit some friends in Cardiff, and despite the mounting pain, it was pretty awesome – so much so I have few, somewhat disjointed, photos.

The centre of Cardiff is very neat and convenient – the Castle is right around the corner from the main drag which is only a wee walk from the train station.


Honestly, my bed. The cosiest and most comfortable place to be, and where I’ve spent most of this November.


Whilst doing the #craftember challenge over on instagram (with many belated posts to come, cos tooth), I’ve rediscovered a few things I made way back when, a couple of which I might have a go at doing again some day:


November has been… well, it’s been, and gone. Thank heavens.

Christmas is nearly here, and I’m silly excited about it! I’m ready for a new year, new challenges, new goals and new excitement in life, London and everything else.

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