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Sustainability is everywhere at the moment. Everywhere. And rightfully so.

I’m ever more conscious of the things I’m using and how much I throw away and, thanks to the reignited sewing bug, I’ve decided it’s time to sew myself some washable, reusable makeup remover pads.

Sure, I thought about buying some, but they’re all so big, and I really didn’t want that. I’d rather make more smaller ones than have ones I find obnoxiously large (oh see how I eat my words later) and, let’s face it, when you dive into making your own clothes, you are not left wanting for scraps.

Of the fabrics I used for this craft, one came from a sewing project form about four years ago (a breast feeding cover) and the other the remnants of the pillowcase I made back in May…June? Some time back then. I kept the scraps because, well, I am my mothers daughter, one even travelled back form Korea with me… go figure!

Never throw the fabric away!

First things first, I needed a template. I took one of the few remaining cotton pads I still have and drew around it. This was less than ideal, all higgledy-piggledy in shape, so I decided on the size I wanted, found something in the kitchen with a matching diameter and used this as my template. I opted for 8 cm.

It’s worth noting here that, although I’d originally planned to make them the same size as commercial ones, this quickly proved to be far more trouble than it was worth. Thankfully, I’d opted for a template that included seam allowance, so I didn’t need to re-do this step!

Measuring up
Templates for days

Next came chopping all the fabric. I decided to go for one side cotton scrap, one side microfibre cloth, maxing out that makeup-removing power! I used a washable, safe marker or pencil, and traced the circular shape and then used the cotton circle as a template for the microfibre circle.

All the lemons! Alas, this test run died!

I then roughly pinned each pair, wrong sides together.

This also turned out to be something I didn’t do too often, resorting to the pinning merely being a means by which to join the two fabrics as I cut the microfibre circle. It was easier to remove all pins when sewing.

Grabbing my overlocker (or serger, whichever suits), it was time to secure these together. I whizzed around each round each one, with varying degrees of success – I’m a new overlocker user, so there was a lot of trial and error in a short space of time.

Looking good!

Now these guys are good to go! They remove makeup like a charm – any microfibre can work as well as a facehalo – and all I need to do is throw them into this net bag, ready for the next wash. Just a few more to make to make sure I’ve got what I need to get me through a week!

Excellent mascara removal power!
Easy peasy wash and go (and yes, that is Batman fabric).

Next on my list of skincare reusable makes is a washable, reusable sheet mask, if I ever managed to nail the design of it; watch this space.

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