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A new year is right around the corner. On top of that, we’re launching into a brand spanking new decade. A new decade means plenty of new plans, new goals and a new shop page – but more about that later.

I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, 2019 has been tumultuous to say the least. There have been amazing days and awful days, but must frustrating of all, it’s been the year where I’ve felt the least myself in terms of my body and my mind.

Thankfully, I’m ending 2019 in a better place than I started – mentally, anyway – and I go into 2020 full of hope and enthusiasm that I’ll be able to bring the body aspect under control.

Me being me, I need to hold myself accountable, and if possible have something tangible that will show me how I’m doing – and I don’t mean tracking number. I mean following how I feel. The food that worked and what didn’t. The weeks that were good, why were they good.

This isn’t about getting thin, it’s about getting me: #2020yearofme.

To that end, I whipped up these baby’s (which makes that sound quicker than it was).

I feel I should apologise in advance for the photos – I wanted to get this post up so that there was time to download it before January arrives!

This is my 2020 Planner/Tracker. Plan meals, plot out when you’ll exercise – in whatever way that suits you – and jot down what works for you week on week.

Yes, I’ve started Day 01 on a Monday, even though January doesn’t start till a Wednesday, and that means that this pack technically gives 53 weeks, a slightly over 366 days – a leap year and then some!) This was a conscious decision for two reasons i) I like starting things on Monday’s and ii) it’s meant to be a guide and a reference rather than a militant day-by-day thing. Marking the days and weeks gives easy references and recollections; “I was feeling really good in week x and not great in week y, oh, I wonder it was the mammoth amount of ice cream…”, for example.

They say it takes 30 days to make a habit – it doesn’t matter if that 30 day period starts from day 01 or day 247. The idea here is to make change on-going, habitual and to bring another level of understanding to your body.

This printable gives you space to:

  • set goals for that week;
  • remember long-term goals;
  • note your daily step count;
  • write a weekly shopping list;
  • note the best parts of the week;
  • track your weight and measurements at the beginning and end of each week, and set related goals (if this is you thing);
  • plan or record your meals for the day;
  • record your water intake; and
  • plan or note down your exercise, be that walking, yoga, the gym or anything in between.

I predominantly plan to use this for planning my weeks and using them as a record from which I’ll be able to discern what’s working for me, what isn’t and re-jig as appropriate.

Each week is book-ended with “check-in” days, the first one from the previous week and the last one for the last day of the week. This means that each week flows into the next and you don’t have to keep jumping between printouts.

Here’s an idea of what mine looks like filled out:

I definitely need to get myself a photo-box at some point…

I’ve made one little leaflet for every week of the year – all 52 of them, the idea being that, put together, they will form a neat, clear overview and then can be stored folded up, or tucked into a diary or notebook. I’m going to keep mine in my bullet journal:

But, hang on. You don’t have a printer, that coloured ink is going to cost so much to get it to look that good! Fear not, for there is an answer. I don’t have a printer either, but I have recently had a few patterns printed at a copy shop then posted to me and I figured there had to be someone that did the same, completely painlessly, for A4 documents.

Hallelujah, there is!

If you are in the UK, I introduce to you, This outfit is pretty great, and answered my calls at a price I think is reasonable. I printed one copy of Block 1 (weeks 01-05), or 10 double-sided, colour pages for all of £2.25. This equates to one Block of the 2020 Planner/Tracker, which is divided into 11 Blocks of five weeks each, bar Block 11 which contains only three weeks.

An extra £1.99 was added for postage, but postage is free if you spend more than £5.00.

I elected for the regular postage and 2 day printing option, but they were printed and posted the day I ordered – they keep you updated by email) and it arrived within that two day period. They make clear on the site that they 2 day option refers to the printing only, not printing and postage time, but I found them incredibly quick.

To give you more of an idea, to get free postage, that would require printing three blocks of the Planner/Tracker, or 15 weeks – taking you up to April 12th – which would cost you £6.75, total. Once again, that’s double-sided and colour printing on the basic paper option, and the quality really is excellent.

For this I used the option of unbound printing, which was ideal. The website was easy to use, let me check all the pages were in the right order, and arrived in a study envelope to prevent bending and carefully packaged. You can bet I’m going to be using Doxdirect for nearly all my printing needs!

If you want to get your hands on this calendar, all you have to do is pop over to the shop page and you can either download week 01 as a tester, of click the link to take you to the etsy listing with plenty of time to get it printed for the beginning of January.

However, if printing isn’t for you, these are also great uploaded to goodnotes (or similar) on an ipad or tablet – fully digital and no need for any paper. Personally, I prefer the tangible feel of paper, but it’s always good to know that both options are available!

I hope you like this planner/tracker as much as I do the, and let’s make 2020 the our year!

#2020yearofme – we got this!

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