The Reading Nook | Christmas

There is no better time for books than Christmas, be that giving them, receiving them or going out to buy them with book vouchers or cash received as gifts – or just because you can, because books!

This was a really big book year, with books being gifted left, right and centre. In no particular order, I gifted the following for my dad, sister, brother and sister-in-law:

And for my nephew:

  • Elmer
  • Alien’s Love Panta Claus
  • Great Bunny Bakes (more for my SIL, really)
  • Roar!

Not only did they all go down a treat, but there a few I might have to make a sneaky purchase of myself, or thieve them when others are unsuspecting…

I was also lucky enough to receive a decent haul of books myself, and then accidentally happened to a few titles on the Kindle store and one from Waterstones. The book buying was sadly hampered by being super ill from Christmas day!

Books gifted to me this year
One or two of the physical and kindle books purchased this festive season.


My sister gave me She is Fierce, a poetry anthology containing poems from female poets and with the line: ‘because you need to read more poetry’. I mean, she’s not wrong. I do need to read more poetry and I’m pretty stoked about dipping into this one.


This is a long, long list. I purchased the physical copies of:

  • Maus (Art Spiegelman) – recommended by my sister; and
  • Home Remedies – Stories (Xuan Juiliana Wang) – I will admit, I was totally taken in by the cover, I love it!

On Kindle, thanks to the 12 days of Kindle sale, I was able to buy a handful of titles I’ve been eyeing from some time, as well as a couple that I’d spotted floating around on instagram (and yes, I purchased Sourdough all because of @arielbissett!)

The (short – or we’d be here for years) long list:

  • Human Voices (Penelope Fitzgerald)
  • The Travelling Cat Chronicles (Hiro Arikawa) – I’d had my eye on this for months, and joy-of-joys, it came down to 99p!
  • Three Women (Lisa Toddeo) – the staff in my local Waterstones waxed lyrical about this one, I’m keen to get stuck in!
  • All Among The Barely – Melissa Harrison
  • Gingerbread – Robert Dinsdale
  • Sourdough – Robin Sloan (And I’ve had my sourdough class booked for months – a baking class birthday present, my brother and SIL know me so well. I can’t wait to learn all the things!)

There are many, many more, but you’ll have to stick around for future Reading Nook posts to find out about them!!



My parents knocked it out of the park with the fascinating this Christmas covering food, memoir and science:

  • East (Meerah Sodah) – All the food I love in one place!
  • In My Mind’s Eye, A Thought Diary – Jan Morris
  • The Remarkable Life of the Skin – Monty Lyman

I can’t wait to get stuck in (and to tuck in).


As for purchases, again 12 days of Kindle and Amazon First Reads fixed me up:

  • The Future of Feeling (Kaitlin Ugolik Phillips)
  • The Guilty Feminist (Deborah Frances-White)
  • Happy Vegan (Fearne Cotton) – I swear by her recipe books, they really are fantastic!
  • Mudlarking (Lara Maiklem)
  • Leon: Fast Vegan
  • Lost Japan, Last Glimpse of Beautiful Japan (Alex Kerr)
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (Mark Manson)
  • How to be a Woman (Caitlin Moran)

Just a few… It’s a mission of mine to read more non-fiction books this year, and combined with older purchases and books on my shelf, I’ve a decent collection to keep me going.

How was your book Christmas/Festive season? Any recommendations?

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  1. I love the reading nook because I feel like without this, I’d never hear of some of these books. (be it being on a whole different continent from you or just not looking in the right places)
    I love writing all the names down and doing some digging because sometimes I can’t get anything from the name alone.
    I have a feeling this month is full of gems as well!
    I love cover art that grabs my attention and She is Fierce, Human Voices and The travelling cat chronicles have me incredibly intrigued!
    I don’t really have any recommendations because I’ve been reading HP again and I’m sure that’s not even a recommendations that’s needed at this point.


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