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Last year, I tried this whole drawn bookshelf thing, aiming to colour it in as I read books. That didn’t happen…

This year, I’m turning back to a tired and true method that I’ve tweaked a bit and, yes, I’m using a trusty spreadsheet (see download below) in conjunction with my bullet journal (which has already seen some use) and a reasonable Goodreads challenge of 24 books for 2020 (I’m hoping to read more than this, but I figured two books a month should be mageable).

My bookshelves are now TBR-heavy, as all my read and loved books are still safely with my parents; one day, my loves, we shall be reunited and my aspirational laddered bookshelves shall be a reality! Until then, the situation looks a little like this:

Bookshelf complete with rocking chair!

I can never keep track, much as I like to think I can, so it’s about time I got organised with this reading malarky. In steps excel (well google sheets, but almost same-same) and here’s the pretty simple, but highly effective spreadsheet I’ve settled on.

This is a re-do of one I had passed on to me years ago. I found that one list heavy with a lot of overlap. This one was prompted by a new list released by the BBC this year, detailing the 100 novels that, to the panel, shaped our world. This list was different because it was divided into categories and it was also a broader list than I’d ever seen.

  • #1 is the recent BBC compiled 100 books that shaped our world, divided by category. This is my list, and you can see at the top that I’ve read 21 of the 100, also denoted by the green box to the left. On the download below, this has all been reset to 0. It’s a pretty simple SUM formula – just type a ‘1’ in the ‘Read’ column, and the tally will start adding up.
  • #2 consists of the Man Booker shortlists for the last ten years, with the link to the site provided.
  • #3 is a blank TBR 100, and you can use your own bookshelves to fill this out – mine matches the list I’ve detailed in my bullet journal and covers both physical and kindle books. Any physical books I DNR or don’t wish to hold on to will go to charity or by passed on to friends I feel will enjoy them.
  • #4 is a template sheet for you to fill in from Goodreads, other top 100’s, New York Times best sellers, a recommendations lists, or wherever you choose to source your reading lists from. The world is your oyster.

I made the choice to cap each sheet at 100 (with exception to the Man Booker shortlists) as I think 100 seems a decent, yet manageable number for a book list.

I plan on adding a recommendations list, a TBR from my bookshelf and kindle (see #3) and use these lists as the basis of Reading Nook posts to come!

What are your reading goals for 2020, and what do you use to keep track?


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One comment

  1. The organization you have continues to amaze me!! I’ve got onto Goodreads which I’m hoping will help me organize and formulate a plan of what to read (otherwise I’ll ready Harry Potter over and over until I die).
    I bought a LOT of Stephen King books a few weeks ago. I’m thinking I’m going to theme this year with sci-fi and horror as a main go to (seems fitting for some reason LOL). I’ve started the revival and I’m hooked already.
    I also have some random books I bought at our second hand store laying around unread. I should get to those at some point huh?
    Fun read as always my love 🙂


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