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After the one-billion years that is January, February seems to pass in the blink of an eye and severe news fatigue. February is an odd one though, and this one is .


The coronavirus, or Covid-19 as were now calling it, has… escalated. I’m a strange mix of paranoid (I’m asthmatic) but rational (it’s not as deadly as SARS and or even the seasonal flu, which I’ve had!)

But it’s coming, whether we like it or not.

The next few months are going to be… interesting. It’s more than likely a significant portion of the population will get it, but it’s also not going to manifest in its worst form in the majority.

More than anything, I’m just hoping that people, as a whole, keep their heads and don’t use it as an excuse to let any underlying prejudices fly free – alas, we’re already seeing it…


It’s been a poor reading month. I’ve plugged on through my non-fiction book about Paris, but other than that I’ve barely read anything, to my shame, so no favourite book this month. I’ve even decided to throw one on the DNF pile, as each time I go back to it, I read a couple of lines and put it down… Not the book for me, at least not at this point in time.

So no favourites this month!

This all being said, it’s March 5th, and I’ve already finished three books, so there will be plenty next Last Month Today and in this months Reading Nook post.


I finally got to watching Shetland, the BBC series based on Anne Cleeves book series of the same name. It’s fantastic.

Dvd cover, a la google.

Personally, I preferred the first couple of series where you have two episodes a story. The later series consist of one story arc across an entire series, which does work thanks to the stellar cast.

More than anything, though, I just want to run away to Shetland!


This was the month of the boy sitting me down to watch some movies I was apparently missing out on (Team America and Rocky) and also finally watching one of the maaaany dvd’s that we have lying around (Brooklyn).

I’d seen plenty of clips of Team America through the years, and I have vivid memories of watching a couple of scenes in the sixth form common room, but I’ve never seen it all the way through.

I loved it.

It’s in-your-face, awkward, close-to-the-bone satire, and so, so appropriate for our current hyper-woke celebrity culture. Crude, but clever.

Rocky, though, was a different story. I knew I’d have to get round to watching this movie eventually, but it wasn’t for me. I’m not a Stallone fan, I’m not a boxing fan, and I don’t think it’s aged well BUT, the soundtrack is awesome!

Finally, Brooklyn. Things I liked about this film were Saoirse Ronan (she is a fantastic actress), Donal Gleeson (also fantastic) and the costumes, direct quote from the boy:

You would wear all of the clothes [from this film]… at the same time.


Things I didn’t like about this film were that, while I like the story line, it was aa slow pace that let me feeling like not much had happened by the end. Of course, it had, but it’s not the first time I’ve felt this way about a film, another guilty party is the The King’s Speech. This is not to say that either of these are bad films, they are not, but it’s worth bearing in mind that they are both films that had good awards seasons.

A diverse film month! Of the three, Brooklyn was by far the most visually appealing, and whilst more “on brand” for me, I have to say that Team America was my favourite.


Pentagon made a comeback with Dr. Bebe this month, the title track from their first full-length album, The Black Hall. I’m calling this as the Kpop release of the year, right now. This is the one to beat.

Pentagon have proved, with this release, that they are as versatile as some of their contemporaries. It’s darker than they’ve gone before, and though it doesn’t quite beat Shine, it’s a near-run thing!

Pentagon – The Black Hall

Billie Eilish dropped her bond theme offering this month, and while I’m not mad at it, it didn’t blow me away – it’s no Skyfall. That being said, I enjoy her music and I’m certainly not averse to listening to No Time To Die.

Is it me, or has the movie title song lost any sense of oompf since Titanic? Nothing has quite had that impact since! Thoughts?


Jumpers, jumpers, jumpers.

It’s currently raining. Again. I’m bored now.


A same old same old month. The weather has been continuously miserable, I’ve not been bothering as much with the old face. This has made me bother more with the skincare routine, and as a result, my skin is in pretty good nick.

It was something I was worried about, when I moved back to the UK, but thankfully, the smog and pollution of London hasn’t had much on an impact on my skin – whether this is down to the skincare routine (when I’m on top of it) I don’t know, but I’m not complaining!

I’m still stuck on Revolution’s skincare products and I continue to be impressed.

When I’ve drilled down to what is making the most difference, I’ll made a wee post!


The bread baking continues to improve, but success remains elusive, in many ways thanks to the ice box that is our kitchen. It’s cold in there – so cold dough doesn’t rise! That said, I am un-deterred and I shall continue rising to the challenge.

So instead, this months culinary success lay in the familiar and the treat:

Pasta sauce and homemade garlic bread
Cupcakes with a twist (and a crafty card)

A basic pasta sauce is a nice comfort food, it’s easy to pack in ALL of the veggies, and there are now so many different pasta options to choose from that you can find one that suits you.

The funky cupcakes I decided to make (using valentines day as an excuse) and finally used one of my many funky baking moulds – they boy keeps telling me to use them, so I’ve delivered (long time readers may remember I’ve done a similar thing with floral moulds).

As a little sneaky surprise, I ended up pushing a couple of Cadbury’s caramel nibbles into the middle of each cake, which worked really, really well, and I added a wee surprise to the middle of each cake. I think I need to experiment with the quantity per cupcake, and I’m sure my co-workers will be delighted guinea pigs!

I’m also now wondering what they’d be like in banana cake… shades of banoffee, perhaps?

It might not have been a good month for reading, but it’s been a good month for crafting. My pride and joy this month is this writing box/slope/lap desk.

I picked this up second hand and it was in need of a spruce up. I love how it turned out. Before pictures and all sorts of in-between into coming in a post later in March.

I also started my big bag project, you might had read the first post back in March (the next one is coming soon). It’s going to be a long, long project, but with Covid-19 rearing its ugly head here in the UK, something to occupy the long hours stuck inside might be a good thing!


February was a short, sweet and quiet month! Not much happening, a bit too much worrying, and a a fair amount of preparation for various projects. Usually at this point, I’d be looking forward to exciting things in the months to come, but Covid-19 is putting a dampener on everything. Not that it’s really something to grumble about – keeping the spread of infection at bay takes precedence, of course!

Rather, here’s hoping that I’ve lot of crafty goodness, store cupboard cooking, and lots of reading for you next month!

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  1. Here’s what I love about last month today. Some of it isn’t new, but some of it is. BUT ALL OF IT IS GREAT READING!
    The news is doom and gloom as always around the world. I want a month of just hearing about great things from outlets, ya know. Show me puppies and butterflies and not corrupt governments and absolute imbeciles every second of every day!
    I am so on par with you on your music choices this month it’s crazy! The Black Hall is definitely the one to beat this year!
    “…Matt Daaaamon” LOL What a movie. As an American I find it all too real though…
    Whatever your beauty routine is, it works cause you looking good as hell!!! (ALL THE TIME!)
    AH yes, my favorite…crafting and baking. Two of the things I live vicariously through you the most! You do so much and do it so well and I love it so much!
    Sometimes I can’t believe that you’re my best friend, you’re just so…amazing! 🙂
    Here’s to a great March! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      • Team America should absolutely be mandatory viewing for anyone who like satire and comedy. It’s got it all. Crazy action, well placed swearing and MAAATT DAAAMON


    • I should rephrase when I say some is new and some isn’t. It’s all NEW but some of it isn’t new information for me. LOL I re-read that and was like “wow you sound horrible!”


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