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I have always wanted a writing slope of my own, having commandeered my mum’s for a while when I was younger, and when I saw this pop up on good ol’ facebook market place I was instantly intrigued.

I’d never seen anything quite like this before, never seen a writing slope open this way and I couldn’t stop thinking about it, but the run up to Christmas was manic and then there were all sorts of ills.

One day, I checked back and not only was it still available, but the price had come down – all the wins – and I finally went for it, and picked it up. I couldn’t find it anything close to it – in design nor price – and while I wasn’t too keen on the bleached wood look, I know that with a little tinkering, I could make this into the writing slope of my dreams.

Dare I say, I did even better than that.

Upon closer inspection (and a trial run) I realised it wasn’t going to be a simple stain-and-go situation. Sanding was required.

I took sanding paper to the box, an all over deal, not working it too hard, but making sure I got everywhere. The next attempt at staining made it clear that even this wasn’t enough.

Just a little patchy.

It was at this point I realised that a layer of something, what I’m not sure, lay on top of the wood. There was going to be some serious elbow grease needed in order to get the wood to play ball.

Discovering the culprit…
… much elbow grease later, nearly there!

Multiple episode of Band of Brothers later, it was time for staining attempt number three.


This was staining in progress.
And staining complete.

Needless to say, I was pretty jazzed about how this turned out. I love that it isn’t quite perfect and how the grain was picked out. But it wasn’t done yet!

I wanted to make the inside of the lid into a functioning writing slope, so planned on covering it – hence why I didn’t put too much effort into sanding that particular part. I have always been drawn to marble blotters, and initially wasn’t sure where to find thick enough marble paper that wasn’t glossy in finish, and then it hit me… wallpaper!

A quick google search of what I was after took me to I Love Wallpaper, where I could pick up an A3 sample for a whole ¬£1.25. I picked three: an emerald/gold, a charcoal/gold and a pink/gold. The charcoal won, hands down (and yes, I do have big plans for the other samples). All three samples are awesome in general, so if you’re in the market for wallpaper, I definitely recommend this site. Meanwhile, I shall day dream of marble accent walls…

But back to the box. A little cutting and sticking later, my marble blotting pad dreams were in place:

It still didn’t feel quite complete, however, so I sourced a scrap of leather, chopped it into what felt like suitable-sized triangles, and the writing slope of my dreams was complete:

And there we finish the story of the writing slope! With a little bit of elbow grease and an imagination, you can alter anything – and what’s more, it’s totally unique to you.

It has already been used to write letter to far-flung places (and not so far flung) and is now housing my Harry Potter and Marvel stamps (thank you, Royal Mail – and the boy for sourcing me the Harry Potter ones, you know me oh-so well).

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