This Geeky Teacher | Worksheet: Kingstagram

In light of the unprecedented changes that have come our way in the last few months, This Geeky Teacher is making a comeback for a wee while.

This week, I’m bringing you a series of worksheets based on Instagram. I will be a different sets every day this week, covering a range of school subjects. Whether you are a teacher or a parent, you can tailor these sheets to make them work for you, or set them as a research challenge to keep your students/children busy.

All files are fully editable PPT (powerpoint) files, and the slides are A4 sized. You can print pages or make copies so they can be worked on online.

You will need to download the Instagram font and font Bromello.


First, we have Kingstagram (download at the end of the post). Of course, being a history graduate, I had to start with my favourite subject.

The first blank worksheet allows you to fill in all manner of historical figures, artefacts, events and locations. Key information can be included in the hashtags, or this can be set as a challenge – points for every hashtags that matches a pre-written list.

These can be adapted to suit any period in history, any theme, be it Medieval Medicine, Civil Rights in America, the World Wars… I could go on, but we’d be here a while…

You could even use the hashtags to hypothesis what the original figures (or individuals regarding an image like the one below for VE Day) would have said were they posting on instagram themselves!

This sheet can be printed (laminated if you like) and cut into four to serve as revision cards, quiz cards or a useful teaching device.

Sheets two and three, have the same function, but give two possible options: a printable with lines or an on-computer worksheet with a text box. These sheets allow for a small (or large, go ahead and add all the pages you like) research project, on a topic of your choice – or indeed your child’s/the students choice.

So go ahead and pick a monarch, a dynasty, politicians or presidents, castles, greek vases, or anything that springs to mind, and set children’s minds whirring.

More to come tomorrow!


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  1. Okay but my kids are at home right now and they are in desperate need of creative stuff to do.
    Hats off to you my love!! Can’t wait to get these laminated and see what my darling daughter has to say based on her research…. 🙂


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