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I think we can all agree that March has been a mind-bending, shit-show of a month. We are living through unprecedented, surreal times and it’s both mind-boggling and anxiety creating, but the knowledge that we’re all in this together, and that there is nowhere to go to escape this, makes me quite happy to stay in and do what I’m told, thanks very much. There’ll be plenty of time for hanging out once this is all over – and all the sooner if everyone sucks it up and toes the line!

I am in the fortunate position of being able to work from home – I was already doing this several days a week, so it’s not too abnormal for me in that sense. But it would be underplaying the situation, and the strain, of this new work-from-home reality; we’re now permanently at home during a pandemic and trying to work – it’s really not the same thing.

And don’t get me started on the internet, that’s another story. It makes work… challenging, to say the least, what with the global pull on this resource somewhat maxed out, and the UK internet infrastructure remaining stone-age, in the technological sense. But at least we have it – can you imagine this situation unfolding without the internet…

Yes, March has been an odd one, and we go into Easter with a new normal bedding in for the foreseeable future. But what was good about March:


To be quite honest, I’m trying to avoid the news throughout the bulk of the day. I check-in in the morning, and watch the PM’s daily briefing (or, let’s be frank, on occasion the national telling-off) in the afternoon.

Not to say I’m not reading the news – I am – I’m simply limiting my access.

The best news this month (I will hold on to the positives where I can get them) has to be that the canals in Venice are clear for the first time in who know’s how long. So short a time for such a big change… perhaps a month of a year is something that should be implemented…

Let’s get through Covid-19 though, hey!


I can’t say I have a favourite book this month, there were some duffs, one excellent (The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary – check out the most recent Reading Nook post for more) and then it all spiralled into a mess of anxiety and all sorts and I’ve barely read since the middle of March. Now I’m settling into this new normal, I’m hoping the reading bug will re-surface, especially as I have all the exciting books to read and re-read.


I’m not going to lie. I was born ready for this self-isolation reality. I collected a huge dvd collection throughout uni, and then when I was in Hong Kong, and I kept them. All. Then, there are the dvd’s the boy and I have slowly amassed for ourselves. And, on top of that, I’ve a suitable amount of movies and tv shows on my external hard drive (you never know whether, or how soon, you’ll have internet living abroad!)

A new addition to our collection is Dark Angel. I had no clue what this was, but I am reliably informed it was Jessica Alba’s breakthrough role. It was also created by James Cameron (yes, he of Titanic fame).

Set in the year 2019, it focuses on Alba’s character Max, a genetically engineered soldier with a barcode on the back of her neck. We follow Max as she deals with living her life in an America that has become somewhat dystopian following ‘The Pulse’, an electromagnetic pulse that knocked out the majority of the computer and communications systems in the country, taking down electricity and erasing digital data (apparently).

It has not aged well.

That being said, the first season is really fun, and had a lot of potential. The second season is, disappointing and weird in comparison. Although, really thinking about it, I can see shades of vague Avatar overlap, kind of…

Overall, this has made isolation a little more fun.


Another suggestion from the boy comes in the form of a Cantonese movie, Kung Fu Hustle which is like The Matrix and Kill Bill Vol. 1 were mixed together, a healthy dash of the ridiculous was thrown in and it was all wrapped up and delivered in the guise of Hong Kong cinema.

It’s crazy, it’s ridiculous, it’s very Cantonese, and I LOVED it.

Written by, and starring, Stephen Chow, Kung Fu Hustle is set in 1930’s Shanghai, two lads are angling to join the axe gang, who become preoccupied with the goings on in an apparently sedentary slum where people are happily minding their own business, thanks very much. And let the hilarity ensue.

Now, the boy actually speaks Cantonese, so he get’s it on a different level, but I still found the movie hilarious, revelled in its wacky nature, and have definitely put this on my re-watch list.


I’ve not been paying huge attention to music this month, except to be bemused, daily, by that one track on the radio that uses the lyrics of The Hanging Tree from the Hunger Games, which is just… odd. Not a fan.


Having been at home for a significant portion of the month, I can confirm that I’ve been living in jumpers and leggings for the majority of the time. Comfy and cosy – what more do you need!


If nothing else, this ol’ lockdown is the perfect excuse for plenty of skincare and next to no makeup. Every so often, on the harder days, I’ve put on some makeup. I find it helps with the “normal” of things, in that it’s part of a routine. Most days, though, I don’t bother.

The next plan of action is hair dye! I’ve been a brunette since I came back to the UK, but I feel it might be time for the red-head to return!


March has been both good for food. My bread journey continues and is (finally) seeing some form of success (though not yet consistently), and I’ve been cooking things I’ve never made before (the boy has also been cooking up a storm, but that’s for next month!)

Here’s a peek at some of the deliciousness I rustled up in March:

From top-left, going clockwise, we have sourdough; a lovely breakfast of yogurt, granola, coffee and yakult; the beginnings of a slow cooker sausage casserole; homemade baked beans (a Leon recipe) on homemade sourdough (eggs fried by the boy because I suck at fried eggs); and, finally, a chilli con carne with butter beans, because nom.


This will be the last time this section is featured on Last Month Today for a while… The only place I’m going to be, is in this flat. For at least 12 weeks. And, to be honest, most likely longer.

I’m every so thankful for our flat – our huge windows and the space that we have. We got really lucky when we found this place, and we’re even luckier to have a place with enough space for both of us to comfortably work from home with out us being constantly on top of each other. We’re very lucky.


My curve ball this month is less a curve ball and more a progress report. If you’ve been following my bag project (see post 1 and Post 2 coming soon), you’ll know I’ve embarked on an ambitious project. This is one months embroidery progress:


This month has been wild! Not sure what more can I say. I hope for more homebody content next month…

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