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Digging through my craft draw, I unearthed my phonics flashcards. I used them extensively while in Hong Kong, but they were less useful in a large class in Korea. They came out for the odd smaller class or camp, but for the most part became obsolete.

However, now that we’re all stuck indoors, I figured these could be used by anyone and everyone to help out fledgling readers/speakers from home. Make a designated phonics time – it only has to be a wee ten minutes or so – anything you can fit in during the day – or more if you have more independent learners. They can also be used for online teaching, with which colour coding will be invaluable (see more later).

Unfortunately, foresight was not upon me when I made my first round of flashcards and they were made in publisher, so I whipped up a new set of printables, which you can find at the end of the post.

Alphabet cards

For clear differentiation, I printed my vowels on a separate colour paper to the consonants for the alphabet cards, and then I printed each phonic set a different colour. This made it easier for me to quickly move between sets and is a clear indicator for students what they’re doing and to help form some memory of, or colour association with, sounds.

Set 1
Set 2
Set 3

After printing, I laminated them all, chopped them up, and hey-presto, reusable cards.

The alphabet cards, set 1 and set 2 cards are all phonetic in that you “say what you see”, where as set 3 is more to do with spelling and sounds, displaying the fact that multiple spellings can make the same sounds.

You can use the card sets together to build words, and even use the cards in tandem with the phonics worksheets I blogged about way back, and the companion sheets that followed.

Alphabet + Alphabet
Phonics worksheets
Alphabet + set 3
Companion worksheet – alphabet

I hope these help, even just a little, with the schooling-at-home situation that is upon us! Have at it, parents, you rock (and your kids do, too!)


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