Mixtape Monday | 4 May 2020

This Geeky Tangent Mixtape Monday

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a mixtape. They’ve not been as regular as I’d like, but such is Lockdown Lethargy. Thankfully, that feeling has been waning recently, and I’ve finally been paying attention to music again, so let’s get going!


For album we have ‘Spring to Spring‘ by Hoppípolla. I stumbled across this short play album when settling down to listen to the new releases in Korea. This album is the perfect spring mix – and perfect for the situation in which we find ourselves in. It is mellow and calm, featuring gentle ballads and instrumentals. It is even, in some places, uplifting, with Our Song being anthemic – with shades of Coldplay.

If you’re searching for something to life the mood, this is definitely an album to check out!

Image result for spotify symbol"

Every so often, as I’m lying there listening to the radio in the morning, a song comes on that I just really enjoy, so out comes shazam so I can work out what my new favourite jam is. This time round, the standout song of the moment is Modern Loneliness by Lauv.

I know nothing about this man, never heard of him before, but much much like Spring to Spring, this song is just so apt for how I’m feeling right now – I’m sure that is true of most of us right now.

Yet despite the heaviness of the meaning, the music itself has that same buoyant, sing-a-long vibe that lifts the spirt as much as the overall theme mellows it.

On the strength of this song, I’m interested to check out his full album.


I was over the moon to discover a wee while back (before lockdown) that Ahn Ye Eun had released a new album! I absolutely love her music and this album is no exception. Each of her albums displays a growing depth and maturity to her music, and an ever more intricate lacing of her style and traditional Korean styles.

She’s a unique vocalist, and definitely an artist I recommend checking out. She’s definitely not mainstream Kpop, at all!


One of the best things about Korean dramas isn’t that they release two episodes every week, but that they release soundtrack songs regularly too, the frequency depending on the drama. For many shows, established artists record tracks, sometimes outside their “usual” comfort zone, sometimes as soloists, sometimes in collaborations. OST’s are a whole thing our there – one of 2017’s biggest tracks was Ailee’s OST song for the show Goblin (an amazing show – watch it!)

My current favourite OST is from the “Prince of OST” himself, K.Will. He pops up on OST’s all the all the time, but one that fills me with delight and nostalgia every time is his track from the sixth instalment of 2016’s Love in the Moonlight or Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, depending on which translation you want to follow.

I can recognise Melting (녹는다) from it’s first few bars, and it instantly lifts my spirits. In the current climate, it’s exactly what I need. Alas, I can’t find it on iTunes anymore, or on Spotify, so head over to youtube to check the song out.


The curve-ball comes in the form of Korea’s Madonna, Kim Wan Sun. She’s fabulous, and this track YELLOW is as sunny as it’s name. With its vintage twang and hazy delight, much like everything else on this list, it brings joy. The whole album is a demonstration in how you make stellar music into your 50’s as a music icon – Madonna take note!

Music is nothing if not healing in your time of need!

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  1. Oooh Mixtape Monday my dudes!
    For possibly the first time, I know nothing but one person (and you introduced me to her!!)
    My favorite thing about this (and reading nook) is it gives me so much new music to listen to. I’m always up for broadening my horizons and listening to new things, so Mixtape has a special place in my whole soul!
    Kim Wan Sun is an icon and I’m so glad you introduced me!
    Also…Goblin’s OST is so good! To me it’s the best, right above Hwayugi. OST’s really out here saving the world 🙂


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