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My sewing has increased exponentially over the last few weeks, and with that the collection of all the bells and whistles you need. At the top of my list was pattern weights. I have no cutting table, which means I’m scrabbling around on the floor trying to cut things out – I’m still trying to find the optimum area of floor space for this – and I was using everything from candles, to my phone to my dvd case.

So I popped over to Pintrest and Etsy to have a gander at what passed for a pattern weight. There were some fab ones on Etsy that I had in my basked for a fair wee while, but instead decided to use this as a scrap busting exercise. I had intended using lots of different scraps, but then I found the button print fat quarter I bought from the fabric stall in Kendal indoor market years ago. This was the project it was made for!

To make my pattern weights, I used:

  • fabric
  • 20 washers (40mm)
  • 10 large 20mm pom poms
  • thread
  • superglue (all purpose bostick would also be great)

First up, I traced around a washer and, using pinking shears, cut out rounds making sure there was a decent allowance of roughly 2 cm the whole way around. I wasn’t hung up on being too neat about it!

Next, I began a running stitch around the edge – I wasn’t too neat about this either! Once I was about a quarter to a third of the way round, I put two washers inside the developing pouch, and manipulated the gathers around them.

Pulling the thread tight at the end, I then stitched around the top, through the gathers and folds, to hold everything in place. If necessary, I trimmed any excess from the top.

I picked my pom pom, glued it on, and voila! A pattern weight.

And here they are in use:

I now have ten of these beauties. That should be enough for now… right?

What kind of pattern weights do you use? Do you use then at all? Let me know down below!

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